Wonderful Workshops for Beginners at Carosella 2023

Never ridden a horse or wielded a weapon? No worries! Carosella 2023 has plenty of workshops for the most beginner of beginners. If you’re starting at the very beginning, here are some very good places to start.

Beginner Classes – Saturday 9 September

Intro to Vaulting

Ever dreamed of being a circus rider doing gymnastics on the back of a beautiful horse? Vaulting instructor Liz Gregory will give you a leg up — first onto the vaulting barrel (your no-buck-bite-or-bolt trainer), and then onto our steady-eddy vaulting champ Libero.

Beginner Horse Archery

The mounted archers of Eastern Europe and Asia were a force to be feared with good reason.  The history and techniques of Hungarian mounted archery have been preserved and come to us via Borsos Torz Horse Archery Club.  In this workshop you will learn the differences in draw between mounted and unmounted archery, do ground exercises to strengthen and steady the body for greater speed and accuracy and learn to shoot with the Kassai horsebow from the ground, and from horseback.

Equine First Aid I

time: 10 – 11:30am
Instructor: Eleanor Landels
Level: All
Prerequisites: none

What are the signs of colic, laminitis, tying up, and other common ailments of the horse? What are the different types of wounds, and how do you treat them? What is the normal temperature, pulse and respiration of a horse? Learn to take when to call the vet and what to do until she gets there in this essential information-packed session.

Hungarian Archery from the Ground

Here’s your chance to try your luck at shooting flying discs, adopt unorthodox positions such as lying down, and practise your reload and aim while moving, all from the ground.

Intro to Gatka

Try your hand at Sikh Martial Arts! Instructors from Akhal Khalsa Martial Arts will demonstrate some of the many weapons in the Gatka system and give you the basics of Sikh martial arts training.

Beginner Horsemanship

Have you always wanted to learn more about horses but haven’t known where to start? Get in on the ground floor of the stable and learn how to lead, groom, handle, and tack up a horse safely with Pony Club stable management expert Isabel Landels.

Beginner Classes – Sunday 10 September

Equine First Aid II

Continuing on with Saturday’s session, this time you’ll be getting hands on with horse, taking TPR, applying bandages, and assessing lameness.

Intro to Mounted Combat

Never ridden a horse or swung a sword?  No problem!  In this  workshop you will learn longsword fundamentals from the ground, and have a group riding lesson that includes handling a sword from horseback.  This class is also recommended for experienced swordsmen with little or no horse experience, and experienced riders who have done little or no sword work.

Armoured Combat 101

Find out whether you have what it takes to be a knight in shining armour! In this workshop you’ll practise the fundamental movements of fighting in armour. This workshop is suitable for beginners — no armour necessary! For experienced harnissfechten practitioners, this is an excellent opportunity to get individual coaching from these internationally reknowned instructors.

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