Why You Need Working Equitation in Your Life

Working Equitation is one of the fastest-growing sports around. Stemming from the vaquero tradition of the Iberian peninsula, the modern discipline of Working Equitation marries the strength and suppleness of dressage with the agility and bravery of trail and cattle horses.  This makes Working Equitation one of the best cross-training activities for modern warhorses!

Which is why we’ve brought Working Eq back to Carosella for 2022!

Join WE expert Sandy Lang on Friday September 2nd for an in-depth clinic to introduce you and your horse to five obstacles commonly found in Ease of Handling courses, including the gate, the bell, cup-exchange, patterns, and the iconic bull.

Get this fabulous clinic with Sandy, plus a whole afternoon of additional workshops at Carosella 2022. A one-day pass is only $150 till August 15th, or you can get three full days of historical equestrian arts for $295. Register here.

About the Instructor

Sandy Lang has been involved with WE since 2018. She teaches Working Equitation with focus on Foundation, and has competed in B.C., Oregon, Alberta, and Montana. Her goal is to help students create a willing partner. She creates ‘sweet spots’ with obstacles to help a horse feel confident, willing and enjoy his job.

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