Horse Archery at Carosella 2022!

We’re delighted to welcome back Robert Borsos of Borsos Torsz Horse Archery for Carosella 2022! Robert has been an instructor at every Carosella since 2013 and we’re thrilled he could make time in his busy international schedule to run his ever-popular Horse Archery workshops. The archery workshops will take place on Saturday September 3rd, and there will be a chance to put your skills to the test in horse and ground archery during the tournament on Sunday.

Normally these workshops are $200 for a half day, but if you register before August 15th you can attend the full day for $150.

Pre-register before August 15th and save 50% over our regular rates!

Beginner Horseback Archery

Handler leading horse with rider doing beginner horse archery
Beginner Horse Archery

The mounted archers of Eastern Europe and Asia were a force to be feared with good reason. The history and techniques of Hungarian mounted archery have been preserved and come to us via Borsos Torz Horse Archery Club. In this workshop you will learn the differences in draw between mounted and unmounted archery, do ground exercises to strengthen and steady the body for greater speed and accuracy and learn to shoot with the Kassai horsebow from the ground, and from horseback.

Whether you are an expert rider or archer, or a complete beginner at both, this is your starting point.  You will spend about an hour and a half on the ground learning the techniques of Hungarian archery from the Kassai school.  After that, you will begin shooting from horseback while our handlers lead your mounts past the targets at the walk.  Experienced riders may have the option to try shooting at faster paces without handlers if they are competent and comfortable at the walk.

Saturday 3 September, 10am – 1pm
Instructor: Robert Borsos
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Prerequisites: none

Hungarian Archery from the Ground

Here’s your chance to try your luck at shooting flying discs, adopt unorthodox positions such as lying down, and practise your reload and aim while moving, all from the ground.

Saturday 3 September, 2pm – 3pm
Instructor: Robert Borsos
Level: Beginner – Advanced
Prerequisites: none

Intermediate Horseback Archery

If you have taken our Beginner course previously and have a minimum of Riding Level 1 or the equivalent this course is for you.  Riders with Level 1 will walk and trot, Level 2 Riders will be able to shoot at the canter. 

Saturday 3 September, 3pm – 5:30pm
Instructor: Robert Borsos
Level: Beginner – Advanced
Prerequisites: Beginner Horseback Archery, and Riding 1 or equivalent.

Horse Archery Competition

Those who have taken the Friday workshops or prior horse archery classes with us and who can ride independently can take part in the Sunday Horse Archery competition

Sunday 4 September, 11am (approximately)
Level: Riding Level 1 and up
Divisions: Open
Prerequisites: Riding 1 and Intermediate Horse Archery

Unmounted Archery Competition

No horse? No problem. Enter our speed-shooting competition from the ground.

Sunday 4 September, noon – 1pm (approximately)
Level: All
Prerequisites: None

Carosella Rates

Full Pass (3 days): $395 + gst earlybird $295 + gst
One Day Pass: $200 + gst earlybird $150 + gst
School horse: $50 / day

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