Carosella 2023 is over … stay tuned for Carosella 2024!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Prizes for the Carosella 2023 tournaments were provided by Equine Essentials, Greenhawk Vancouver, and Ahal Khalsa Sikh Martial Arts. We are also extremely grateful to the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara who provided a delicious lunch for the participants of the Academie Duello Accolade Tournament!

Our 2023 Tournament Champions

Equestrian high-point winners, clockwise from top left: Rachael Schulte and Frederick Garforth, top grooms with Libero, received a pair of boot socks from Greenhawk and a cap from Equine Essentials; Allie Douglas, mounted games high-point on Tilly, received an all-purpose pad from Greenhawk; Stephanie Brodowski, top archer (mounted & unmounted), and Equestrian Champion on Flavie, received a baby pad and a grooming kit from Greenhawk, and Dave Wayne, winner of the Green Spur mounted sparring tournament on Libero, received an all-purpose pad from Equine Essentials. Congratulations all!

Academie Duello Accolade Tournament winners, left to right: Thomas Boylan (in black) was awarded the medal for Arte; Andy Campbell (black) won the Onore award, and Vilija Davey (white and last photo) received the Ardore medal, and was the Carosella 2023 Grand Champion with Libero shortly after riding her flat test to achieve the rank of Blue Spur. Medals and Grand Champion plaque provided by Akal Khalsa Sikh Martial Arts. Well done everyone!

Green Spur Tournament Finalists L to R: Rachael Schulte on Mako, Stephanie Brodowski on Flavie, Vilija Davey on Toad, Dave Wayne on Libero

New in 2023, Carosella is spread over two weekends, with workshops on September 9th & 10th, and tournaments on the 16th & 17th!

What is Carosella?

Carosella is an celebration of historical equestrian arts, including mounted combat, knightly games, horse archery, mediaeval swordplay, and more. Initially run by the Academie Duello Mounted Combat Program, and now Academie Cavallo, Carosella has been bringing riders and history enthusiasts together since 2013, with two days of clinics, workshops, and lectures, followed by exciting tournaments.


9 – 10 September 2023
Full Pass (4 days): $395 + gst
One Day Pass: $200 + gst
School horse: $50 / day
Haul-in (includes stall): $25 / day

Knightly Games Tournament

16 September 2023, 9am – 4pm
$75 + gst
Free with Full Pass
School horse: $50 / day
Haul-in (includes stall): $25 / day

Academie Duello Accolade Tournament

17 September 2023. 10am – 2pm
$65 + gst
Free with Full Pass

Carosella 2023 Schedule

The schedule is mostly final, but some classes may shift times slightly. Go to the workshop schedule pages for class descriptions. Scroll down for tournaments.

Workshop Schedule – Saturday 9 September
Workshop Schedule – Sunday 10 September

Knightly Games Competition – Saturday 16 September

Grooms’ Competition

Judges: Isabel Landels & Eleanor Landels
Level: All
Prerequisites: Horsemanship 1, or own horse

Teams of two will compete to turn out the best groomed horse in 45 minutes prior to the mounted competition.  Competitors will be marked on their own and the horse’s turnout, correct fitting of tack, efficiency and overall impression.   School horses provided.  Competitors may state partner and/or horse preference when registering; individual entries will be paired.

Mounted Team Games

Level: Riding Level 1 and up
Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Open
Prerequisites: Riding 1 or equivalent, or own horse

Teams of 2-4 riders will race against the clock to complete relays of skill-at-arms games. Teams will be assigned to facilitate shared horses.

Horse Archery

Level: Riding Level 1 and up
Divisions: Open
Prerequisites: Riding 1 and Intermediate Horse Archery

Unmounted Games & Archery

Level: All
Prerequisites: None

Speed-shooting competition from the ground.

Individual Mounted Games

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Open
Prerequisites: Riding level 1 or equivalent, or own horse

Like the team games, these races are timed.  However, riders are competing individually

Green Spur Tournament

Level: Green Spur rank and up
Prerequisites: Cavaliere Program members who have achieved the rank of Green Spur or higher

Academie Duello Accolade Tournament – Sunday 17 September

Level: All

Accolade Tournament
Participants spar with as many people as they want for at least 10 passes. Fighting continues throughout the entire event.  Mixed weapons are allowed as long as all safety conventions are followed. Fencing at any speed is allowed. Quality, art, martial effectiveness, proper arms, and proper respect are expected.

At the end of the morning and the end of the afternoon everyone will cast accolade ballots in three categories:

  • Display of the Art (They displayed beautiful martial art to me)
  • Martial Success (They kicked my ass, and did that well)
  • Spirit and Passion (They inspired me with their character)

Every person will in the end cast 2 ballots in all three areas for a total of 6 ballots. Ballots will be totalled and the top 4 to 8 will be selected to display exhibition bouts at the end of the event.

A winner will be awarded in each category.

Carosella 2022 takes place at Cornwall Ridge Equestrian, 21955 16 Ave, Langley BC.