Test Your Horsemanship Knowledge

Can you believe the online Mounted Combat Masterclass is only a few days away? If you haven’t already, head on over to the registration page and sign up:

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Test Your Knowledge

While you wait, why not test your horsemanship knowledge with a quiz? Below are twenty questions similar to those you’d see on a Horsemanship Level 1 test.

If you aced the quiz, chances are you’re ready to test Horsemanship Leve; 1 or higher. A passing score is 65% or 13/20. If you scored below that, a little more review may be in order before you challenge the Level 1 test.

On Day 1 of the Mounted Combat Masterclass (Tuesday December 7th), one of the topics I’ll be covering is our Horsemanship curriculum: what the different levels entail, and why we teach the topics the way we do. Be sure to join in to find out more.

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