Now Available: Carosella Unmounted Passes

Did you know that Carosella isn’t just for the horsey set? For those who want to learn all about swords, armour, bows, and horses from the safety of the ground, we have unmounted passes. From $45 for individual tournaments, to $265 for a full three days of swordplay, flags, archery, gatka, and armoured fighting near (but not on top of) horses, the unmounted passes are a fabulous option!

Unmounted Workshops

On Friday and Saturday there are more than a dozen workshops you can take part in without a horse. The full three-day pass is only $265, or you can do a single day for $125. See the full schedule of events and register on the Carosella page.

  • Intro to Gatka: Try your hand at Sikh martial arts with Jagjit Singh Nijar, head of the Gatka Federation of Canada
  • Unmounted Archery: Learn trick shots and practise shooting flying discs with Robert Borsos of Borsos Torsz Horse Archery
  • Equine First Aid: Be prepared to deal with emergencies by learning how to treat horse ailments and injuries with Eleanor Landels of Academie Cavallo.
  • Things that go Flap, Thwack, & Zing: Sacking out the Horse: How do you teach a horse to cope with weaponry? Find out with Jennifer Landels head of Academie Cavallo.
  • The Road to Knighthood Panel: Our knights in shining armour, Jessica Finley of Selohaar Fechtschule, and Devon Boorman and Benjamin Davis of Academie Duello will regale you with tales from inside the suit.
  • Beginner Horsemanship: New to horses but want to learn more? Learn to catch, groom, tack-up, and handle a horse with Isabel Landels of Academie Cavallo.
  • Armoured Combat Fundamentals: No armour required! Learn the basics of fighting in armour without having to suit up with Benjamin Davis, Devon Boorman and Jessica Finley.
  • Swordplay Fundamentals for Mounted Combat: Get a grounding in single-handed longsword with Dave Wayne of Academie Cavallo.
  • Fiore’s Armoured Plays examine the armoured combat plays from Fiore dei Liberi’s 15th century manuscript with Devon Boorman of Academie Duello.
  • Sparring Practice get some guided sparring practice prior to the tournaments with Dave Wayne and Benjamin Davis of Academie Duello.
  • Lichtenauer’s Armoured Plays dive into the German system of harnessfechten with Jessica Finley of Selohaar Fechtschule.
  • Italian Flag: wave your flag! Learn some fancy 17th century Italian flag manoeuvres with Marli Vlok of Academie Duello.
  • Conformation & Unsoundness: develop your eye for equine form and function with Eleanor Landels of Academie Cavallo.
  • Lecture: Improving your Riding with Mounted Combat: learn from Ginger Larkins of Northwest Fencing Academie how the practising mounted combat can improve your seat.
  • Conditioning the Horse: just like human athletes, horses need to be fit to do the work demanded of them. Isabel Landels of Academie Cavallo will walk through how to develop a conditioning program for our four-legged partners.

Unmounted Competitions

Put your skills to the test from the ground in the unmounted divisions of our Sunday Tournament, and win some prizes generously provided by the Gatka Federation of Canada! For sparring tournaments, seed matches will run in the morning with semi-finals and finals in the afternoon. Single competitions are $45 each, or you can do the full day for only $125.

  • Grooms’ Competition
  • Spear
  • Longsword
  • Sword & Buckler
  • Armoured
  • Speed Archery

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This is an incredible value, but spaces are limited. You can find the full schedule on the Carosella page or you can hit ‘Register’ below to save your spot!